Rehab with Kelly: Lower Back Relief

A 45min class to help ease that crippling lower back pain. This class is zero impact and low intensity, you will need a Block or Pillow, a thick band loop and a light mini band loop.
Lower back pain can come from tight hips, immobility through the spine, compressed nerves, imbalances and or a weak core/pelvic floor muscles.
We go through a Stretching set to relieve what is tight and create the range of motion we need through our hips and thoracic spine, then we Stabilise our Pelvis, delving into low intensity integrative core training and deep pelvic floor work and finally we Strengthen all the Muscles around the area of the Lower back including; our Glutes, Hamstrings, Obliques, Transverse Abdominals, Adductors/Abductors and Abdominals. 
You will walk away from this Class feeling immediate Relief, Stability through your Posture, Strength in your Stature and you'll also feel proud that you have done something to help rehabilitate your pain that will create permeant change
Repeat Class 2-3 x a week for best results


TeacherKelly M

Duration45 minutes


EquipmentBlock or Pillow, Mini Loop Band & Thick Band

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