Freedom in Motion.

Welcome to your recovery platform aimed at freeing human potential through mobility training.

Everyone deserves to live a life of freedom. Unhindered, inspired, and able to explore their world in a body they love. My passion is helping you to discover the potential in yours through movement. From mobility and strength coaching, to holistic lifestyle practices that empower you from within, I’ll help you move through limitations, discover freedom in motion and a life of confidence.

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Person Stretching
Person Stretching

Our focus is on where it all begins; the foundation of movement.

Everyone deserves to live a life unhindered, free to move and navigate the world.

But lifestyles, posture, stress and injury can all take a toll on our bodies, manifesting as tightness, tension and the inability to move confidently.

Through mobility-focused physical training and a wealth of experience, I am on a mission to help people discover the potential in their bodies and lives, through movement.

Through engaging classes and content, delivered empathetically and positively on this platform, I encourage my clients to move through physical and emotional limitations, discovering true freedom in motion and a life without restrictions in a body they love.

— Stretching

A specific muscle or tendon is deliberately flexed or stretched in order to improve the muscle's elasticity and achieve comfortable muscle tone.

— Mobility

To be able to move or be moved freely or easily in relation to the joint.

— Flexibility

The quality of bending easily without breaking in relation to the elasticity of muscles.

Person stretching in dance studio


— Ashley Barnett,

Lawyer, Long Term PT Client

I have been training with Kelly since 2018 and not only have I noticed a significant improvement in my overall mobility, I feel fitter and substantially stronger. Kelly has not only helped me achieve my short term goals but has permanently impacted my life style in a positive way. What I have learnt from Kelly will stay with me forever.

— Elliott MacDonald,

Content Creator, Recovery for Boxing

I had heard so many good things from people about what Kelly can do, that I had to try myself. I remember leaving my first session feel like a completely different person, my body had not felt so fluid in such a long time. During that session I could tell she genuinely wants to help each and every one of her clients. She didn’t just put me through the motion, she explained every detail of what she was doing, with no difficulty it just flowed so flawlessly out of her mouth. I could tell this was more than a job for her, this is her passion, she genuinely cares for everyone.

— Joshua Heares,

Founder of Porter James Sports, PT Client

I first met Kelly to help her branding but ultimately she was the one who ended up helping me. I'd lost all purpose towards training since my bodybuilding days and instead my focus shifted towards mobility, structural balance, postural correction and basically moving (and living) pain free. Training is enjoyable again and has become detached from my ego. I no longer get neck spasms or sore backs and my postural gains are great (maybe ill reach 6ft after all)

Longevity + Freedom > Muscle.

— Grace Schroder

Personal Trainer, Client to Colleague

I started training with Kelly in 2019 to better my performance for rhythmic gymnastics. Since retiring from gymnastics, I have shifted my focus towards the gym. Not only has Kelly taught me all of the necessary technique and exercises, but she has also shaped my career in such a massive way. Her passion and enthusiasm for helping others is inspiring and this motivated me to start my own PT business so that I could do the same. From client to colleague, friend and stretch partner - this girl has got a lot to give. I hope that with everything I've learnt from Kelly, I can provide people with the same focused, passionate and educated experience that she provides all of her clients.

— Matthew Guise

PT Client

Kelly both physically and mental has been amazing. My body is moving better than ever through a golf ball and I am running pain free for the first time in years! And I never walk out of a session in a bad mood.

— Nick Healy

PT Client

After battling with patella knee pain for 15+years and trying everything. Kelly managed to fix the problem in a couple of months. Kelly is passionate about changing people's lives for the better and she's doing an exceptional job of it.

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